Myths about Korean Ginseng

“The false statements about Korean ginseng!”


“Whenever I take ginseng, my body heats up”
“As my constitution has the nature of generating much heat, I cannot eat ginseng”
“Korean ginseng is harmful to people in hot regions”





Doctor Yong-nam Han
Doctor Yong-nam Han

An interview with Seoul National University College of Pharmacy Professor Emeritus Yong-nam Han who devoted his whole life for researching on natural products in the science and biological-medicine areas, has revealed the heat-raising function of ginseng through scientific clinical trials. His seven-year study revealed that neither Korean ginseng nor American ginseng change the body temperature of their eaters, but that people only experience a subjective feverish feeling when they eat ginseng. Professor Han explained, “This is much like how we feel warm and satisfied when we eat boiled food.”
He added, “Korean ginseng does not raise the body heat but only promotes its metabolism.” In easier terms, the body temperature is not changing but only enhancing the blood flow and speed.

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