7 Major Efficacies of Ginseng

1. Ginseng protects the body’s qi (energy) and effectively treats temporary atelectasis and physical weakness caused by various types of acute and chronic diseases. In other words, it helps promote stamina and vigor.

2. It promotes the generation of blood, thereby enhancing the functions of the lungs, intestines and spleen. It also improves metabolic syndromes caused by anemia, and promotes hemocytopoiesis and blood circulation.

3. It calms the mind and the nerves, and alleviates anxiety arising from hypofunction of the heart or impaired blood circulation. In other words, it helps alleviate various types of stress on the body and mind.

4. Ginseng improves the functions of the lungs, spleen and stomach, thereby enhancing the functions of the entire body. It also ensures that there are sufficient bodily fluids that the body needs at all times to prevent the feeling of thirst. In other words, it effectively treats the symptoms of diabetes.

5. It relieves the symptoms of asthma and chronic cough resulting from weakened function of the lungs and enhances the qi. In other words, it stabilizes breathing and effectively treats respiratory diseases.

6. It strengthens the intestinal canal to prevent diarrhea and reinforces the digestive system to promote its functions.

7. It removes and discharges toxins from the body, and boosts the resistance against diseases that can easily result from hypometabolism. It also normalizes the skin function and has an effect against tumors.



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